The Elipse Programme

Weight loss that adds up

Join the Elipse Program to eat less without feeling hungry.¹ People following the Elipse Program on average lose between 10 and 15kg over four months of balloon therapy.¹-¹⁰

Simple and effective

The Elipse Balloon is placed in your stomach during a brief 20-minute consultation with your doctor.¹¹

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You swallow a capsule that contains the balloon attached to a thin tube. You will have an X-ray to make sure the capsule is in the right position.

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Once in your stomach, your doctor will use the tube to fill the balloon with liquid. You will have a second X-ray to confirm the balloon is filled. The doctor will then gently remove the tube and you’ll be on your way. With the balloon in your stomach, you can eat less without feeling hungry.

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At approximately 16 weeks after placement, the Elipse Balloon self-empties and passes naturally.¹

A temporary balloon placement does not mean temporary weight loss

One clinical study with 95 patients has shown that 72% of average weight loss with Elipse can be sustained 12 months after the balloon exits the body.¹

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Support throughout your journey

With Elipse, you are not alone. You receive ongoing support from our doctor and nutritionist throughout the program.

Work with us to change your diet and exercise habits as part of a healthy and holistic approach to losing weight.

You'll also receive a stylish smart scale and mobile app to connect you with our doctor. Track your progress and share your successes in real time.

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A Patient's Experience

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